About SpaceTimer Games

We are a game development start-up based in Sri Lanka. In our phase 1, we are in the process of creating hit mobile games in partnerships with major global publishers.


Creating entertaining industry-leading games, that level-up people in real life, at scale. The more they play, the better they would get at life.


To level-up the world by leveling-up people at scale through mass-market games.

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CEO / Game Dev

Shanal K. Mendis

HR & Ops

Kavindi Lokumarambage

Game Dev

Mudith Mannapperuma

Game Dev

Pubuditha Manathunga

Game Dev

Didula Kasunka

Intern Game Dev

--Apply--- (Unity3D/C#)

Intern Game Dev

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---Apply--- (Blender/Cinema4D)

”Entertainment is one of the most important things in people's lives. Without it they might go off the deep end.”
Stan Lee
“I don't know if it's a big business but I know it's a big problem. And that's the problem that we're gonna solve.”
Tom Bilyeu
“We are not here to take part. We are here to take over.”
Conor McGregor
“When I was in college I wanted to be involved in things that would change the world. Now I am.”
Elon Musk
“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”
Steve Jobs

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